The Story of Grace, a Century of Service


It all started with a rescue home opened by The Salvation Army in 1889. Sixteen years later, on October 15, 1905 the Government of Ontario formally recognized the home as The Salvation Army Maternity Hospital. It was then located in a house on Esther Street (now Augusta) in downtown Toronto.

In 1909 the hospital moved into the Joseph Bloore House situated on the southwest corner of Bloor and Church streets, a location where it has remained until the present day.

An extension was added to the building in 1925. During this time, it was officially known as the Toronto Women’s Hospital until it was renamed The Salvation Army Toronto Grace Hospital in 1937. This was eventually torn down to make room for a parking lot when the present building was constructed in 1959.

A significant change occurred in 1979 when Toronto Grace was designated a chronic and palliative care hospital, opening the first palliative care unit in the Province of Ontario.

A brief historical timeline

1889: The Salvation Army opens a Rescue Home in Toronto.

1905: The Home becomes The Salvation Army Maternity Hospital on Esther Street.

1909: Hospital moves to the corner of Bloor and Church streets.

1925: An extension is added to what was then called the Toronto Womens Hospital.

1937: The hospital is renamed Toronto Grace.

1959: New building is constructed at Bloor and Church.

1969: Designated a general hospital.

1979: Designated a chronic care and palliative care hospital, opening the first Palliative Care Unit in the Province of Ontario.

1998: The Health Services Restructuring Committee directed the Toronto Grace and three other complex continuing care hospitals to close.

2001: The Ministry of Health reverses the decision and directs Toronto Grace to continue to provide its programs and services. The Hospital Board begins to look at emerging needs in the health system.

2005: Toronto Grace Health Centre celebrates its 100th birthday at Church and Bloor Street in downtown Toronto where it continues to provide its special blend of care.

2007: Toronto Grace Health Centre launches its new logo and new look that reflects the care that is given to patients daily. Toronto Grace shows itself to be a leader on providing Slow-Paced Rehabilitation, Palliative and Complex Continuing Care.

2014: Following the temporary move to the UHN’s Hillcrest site The Salvation Army Toronto Grace Health Centre launches its new Post Acute Care Rehabilitation Program in partnership with St. Michael’s Hospital.