Hospital Alumni Luncheon

On June 10th The Salvation Army Toronto Grace Hospital Nurses’ Alumnae were honoured with a special luncheon for their charitable and thoughtful contribution to The Salvation Army Toronto Grace Health Centre’s Infrastructural Renewal Project. The Alumnae who recently closed its association contributed their remaining funds for the design and creation of two new stained glass windows to be added to the expansion of the Chapel at 650 Church Street.

Alumnae travelled from different parts of southern Ontario to attend the event and all were thrilled to see friends and colleagues. They spent time catching up on their lives, and reminisced about nursing school and training at the Toronto Grace Hospital.

For some alumnae their association with the Grace was more than a place to learn and train, it was also where they gave birth to their children when it was an obstetrics hospital. Other alumnae shared their praise for the palliative care program which had supported them, and provided care to their loved ones in their end-of-life journey.

The last graduating class at Toronto Grace Hospital’s nursing school was in 1963, though, the alumnae continued to meet and raise funds for the Grace over the past fifty years. The members of the alumnae are extremely honoured to be a part of the hospital’s history, and proudly acknowledged that the TGHC continues to provide an excellent standard of health care for the community it serves.

The TGHC staff would like to thank The Salvation Army Toronto Grace Hospital Nurses’ Alumnae for their dedicated commitment and for their donation of the stained glass windows, an everlasting gift that will provide spiritual inspiration to all who will view them.

By Gerry Condotta