Tree of Lights

Last evening, November 21, we held our first ‘Tree of Lights’ celebration.  This was made possible by the generous donation of the ‘Tree of Lights’ by Paul Gaspar of Christmas Décor.  As the count down ‘3-2-1-lights’ was made a loud cry of ‘ah’ was exclaimed.

A very special thank you to our guest soloist elli grace for sharing her talent in song and to Clara Jin, a Grace Volunteer, for her accompaniment on the piano.  What a beautiful moment in music!

An expression of appreciation to Lieut.-Colonels Neil (Grace Board Chair) and Lynda Watt and Captains Les and Tiffany Marshall from The Salvation Army’s national headquarters for their sharing of greetings and leadership of song. 

Thank you also to the support of an ensemble from The Salvation Army North York Temple Band who provided Christmas music.  As we know it is a busy time of year for Salvation Army musicians and we appreciate their talents and time to share with us.

And we could not have done in without the support of our staff – Patti Pilon, Major Sharon Hayward, Wiley, Effie, Janet, Tsering, Michael, Sunny, Nicole and Food Services, staff and volunteers who brought down patients.  Thank you!

Thank you to everyone that joined us and may the season be good to you!