Patient Safety

A nursing staff photo

Patient safety is very important to us and we are committed to looking at ways to maintain and improve our safety practices. Our Patient Safety Committee is an example of how the Grace is continually working to monitor and improve patient safety. The Patient Safety Committee collects and analyzes information on best practices and patient incidents. Safety reports are passed along to staff in order to maintain a focus on and an awareness of patient safety issues. The committee makes recommendations and implements practices that will aid in making our facility safer for patients.

Toronto Grace is a member of Safer Healthcare Now, a national campaign to promote improvements in patient safety. Safer Healthcare Now is a joint effort of many organizations and its goal is to improve healthcare delivery by focusing on patients and their safety while in the care of health providers. Its projects focus on reducing the number of injuries and occurrences related to adverse events, such as infections and medication incidents. A project we are working on with Safer Healthcare Now is medication reconciliation. This is a process that ensures that on admission, a patient’s medication history is current and accurate so that medications are not missed.

Another safety initiative that we recently completed is the revision of our identification and communication process for all patient allergies. With this revised process, we can ensure that all team members are aware of an individuals allergies throughout the patient journey. We have a full-time Infection Control Coordinator to provide daily surveillance for infections and to provide education to staff, families and patients on infection control practices.

All staff receive training on emergency procedures and regular drills are done to ensure everyone is aware of what to do in case of an emergency situation.

We support the Ontario Hospital Association Patient Safety Support Service by using their patient safety materials. These are included in our patient admission package and available throughout the facility.

At the Grace, patient safety is a priority and we are dedicated to improving our practices to ensure that patients are cared for in a safe environment.