Infection Prevention & Control

HandsOur Commitment to You and Your Family

The dedicated staff at Toronto Grace are committed to providing the highest quality care for our patients, families and community in a safe and healthy environment.

Patient safety is an important priority at Toronto Grace.
We have many activities in place to help prevent and control infections.

At the Grace, our patients health is our priority and maintaining proper infection control is crucial to patient care. Frequent hand washing is necessary for all staff, patients, and visitors to safeguard against infection. Hand-santizing dispensers are located beside the elevators on the main floor and throughout the facility. Please use the hand sanitzers when entering the health centre, when leaving, and after assisting with any care activities. If extra precautions are required, a sign will be posted on the patients door. In cases of outbreaks, there will be communications posted throughout the health centre.

Toronto Grace Health Centre Infection Rates

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Hand Hygiene
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