Arts at the Grace

Grace Garden

Grace Family Tree paintingArts at the Grace, coordinated by Volunteer Resources, focuses on the enrichment of the environment and the lives of patients and their families.  The program is made possible by the support of a variety of volunteer artists from the community who partner with us.  Arts at the Grace encompasses music sessions, concerts, dance performances and art shows.

At the core of these activities is encouraging engagement and participation in the creative experience.  Through an understanding of the unique needs of individuals, our artists often adapt performances and activities to make them accessible to the physical and cognitive capabilities of our patients.  Friends, family members and staff also enjoy the benefits of these programs and the unique connection artists bring through their presence in the Grace community.

Arts at the Grace provides a forum to:

  • partner with artists who enjoy sharing their talent and enthusiasm for their art form with Grace patients
  • provide hope and inspiration through expanding social contacts and engaging in normal activity
  • include all patients regardless of their means, language, culture or physical/cognitive abilities

Our first musical event was held in 2003 and was enthusiastically received by patients, family members and staff.  Two talented musicians, a jazz singer and pianist, got the concert series off to a great start.  Since that time we have been organizing a range of concerts and performances on a regular basis.

If you have a creative talent to share, can recommend an artist, or would like to learn more about how you could support this program, please contact the volunteer department for further information.

Specific Needs

Opportunities for Musicians:

Improm2Crew – Saturday afternoon music program

Toronto Grace Health Centre is currently recruiting musicians to share the gift of music and participate in a unique and special program for patients. Our current need is for the following:

  • Vocalist
  • Percussion

About the Group & Role:

In 2008, four talented students from our summer volunteer program formed a musical group called Impromp2 Crew. The focus of this group is creating musical sessions that are participatory and engage patients in singing along with the musicians. In a short period of time, Impromp2 Crew has developed a very loyal following of patients, family members and staff.

Reading music sheets is not a prerequisite. Musicians participating in this group however should enjoy learning new songs, engaging patients and supporting a high level of energy and enthusiasm.  Musicians (except vocalists) must be able to read and play chords. Group members will also be asked to assist with finding, updating, printing and photocopying new songs for the sessions.

Though experienced musicians are preferred, individuals who have a competent comfort level and experience performing are welcome to apply. Currently, a bi-weekly commitment is required on Saturday afternoons. Times  may vary during the year. Additional time may be required for group practices.

Applicants will be invited to an audition as part of the interview process in order to ensure a good fit with the other musicians and interaction with patients.

Concert Series – host a music concert at the Grace

Host a Grace concert or assist with the coordination of the concert series.

Music on Three

This is a unit based music program. We are recruiting pianists to provide an informal music session on one of our complex care patients. Pianist work from a song book that has been developed however there is scope to be creative with the music offered for this program. Although the program is geared towards our CCC patients, family, visitors and staff also benefit from and enjoy the opportunity for live music on the unit.

For further information, please contact:

Michael Fliess
Volunteer Resources or 416.925.2251 ext. 256