Employee Health Services

Toronto Grace believes that all of our staff are members of the care team and that care for the caregiver is the cornerstone of excellence in our organization. Our Employee Health Services provides a comprehensive program designed to meet the needs of today’s workforce and to take a dynamic approach in promoting health and safety among our staff.

Ergonomic Consultation

Employee Health provides ergonomic assessments and education for employees to ensure that their workstations are properly set up to enhance comfort and productivity and to prevent injuries.

Employee Assistance Program

Toronto Grace recognizes that we all may need some extra help at some time. The more complex life becomes, the more challenges we face at home and at work. Sometimes when those challenges become stressful and overwhelming, experienced counselors can provide the help we need. Toronto Grace’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers a voluntary, confidential short-term counselling and advisory service for employees and eligible family members that connects them to a network of dedicated professionals who are available with assistance 24 hours a day. These complimentary services are provided by Shepell-fgi, Canada’s largest and most respected behavioural health service provider.

Flu Program

Designed to assist our employees, physicians and volunteers to maintain their health, Toronto Grace coordinates and delivers a highly visible annual flu awareness campaign and offers complimentary flu vaccine through a program designed to meet everyone’s individual schedules. Employee Health provides vaccination through its office and also through a traveling vaccine cart.

Health Surveillance

Confidential post offer and pre-employment health assessment and screening are completed by Employee Health to ensure the individuals providing care and service to our patients are immune to communicable diseases and able to perform their duties safely without injury or illness to themselves, coworkers and patients.

Healthy Workplace Plan

Each year the Healthy Workplace Committee develops and publishes its Healthy Workplace Plan. The plan includes the distribution of health information, improved nutrition initiatives, a smoking cessation program, speaker presentations on topics such as stress management and cancer, immunization and infection control programs, non-violent crisis intervention training, and an annual Wellness Fair.

Modified Work (Early and Safe Return to Work) Program

Toronto Grace’s program facilitates and supports employee recovery following an illness or injury. Research has proven that most employees heal faster and better when they are engaged in meaningful activities within their medical restrictions. Employee Health maintains a positive relationship with employees and managers in designing modified work programs that facilitate an early and safe return to work during the recovery period.