Photo of our nursing team.

The Salvation Army Toronto Grace Health Centre’s (TGHC) vision is to provide “exceptional and compassionate care for all” those that we serve, and it is our pledge to carry on this vision.

When our leadership team first heard of Change Day Ontario it was agreed that TGHC knows first-hand the meaning of ‘change’. We have experienced it in a big way over the past four years from our Infrastructure Renewal Project to the implementation of our Strategic Plan. Through both we were inspired, engaged and focused on providing improved and enhanced programs to meet the needs of medically complex patients, and to be leaders in the design and development of a better and safer health care environment.

Change has been our mantra. We have moved patients and staff to and from two physical locations in the last four years, and staff and patients have dealt with different space requirements, processes and all that goes with moving house. During this time we continued to provide “exceptional and compassionate care for all.”

TGHC has evolved and changed to meet the expectations of the health care system in complex continuing care, post acute care rehabilitation and palliative care by expanding our programs to include acquired brain injury, wound care management, respiratory care, mental health and addiction services, assess and restore, and pre and post multi-organ transplant rehabilitation. The hospital is now undergoing the development of an information management and information technology plan which will be rolled out over the coming years.

We are up to the challenge and pledge to support Change Day Ontario in continuing to provide “exceptional and compassionate care for all” those we serve.

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