The Foot Clinic at The Salvation Army Toronto Grace Health Centre (TGHC) has been serving the community in downtown Toronto for over 25 years.  The clinic provides services to out-patients and in-patients and specializes in geriatrics, biomechanics and diabetic foot care, and also offers other foot treatments, which are outlined on the attached Brochure and on this website.

Karol Kisielewski is the senior chiropodist at the clinic and has been providing foot care to clinic patients for over 13 years.  Referrals from physicians are not necessary, but Karol receives many patients from health care clinics and practitioners in the community.  Additionally, many of his patients have recommended the clinic to family and friends, who have then become patients themselves.  Karol states that, “The patients clearly demonstrate that the TGHC Foot Clinic is appreciated for its service and care, and it is essential part of the community.”

Angela, a retired high school teacher who lives I the community, has been a patient of Karol’s for over six years.  She received custom-make orthotics after recovering from surgery, and now requires routine foot care.  “I can walk to the clinic because of Karol,” Angela said.  “With routine foot care, he is preventing me from having further surgery on my feet.”  Angle believes the TGHC Foot Clinic is very vital to the community and provides a real service.  She has recommended the clinic to other people.  Angela states, “I believe the TGHC’s Foot Clinic is completely fulfilling its mission.”