nurse wearing stethescope

The Toronto Grace Health Centre is pleased to announce the implementation of the Vocera Communications System.

Vocera is designed to support communications and the coordination of patient care.  Integrated with the patient call bell system and the facility’s telecommunications system, Vocera offers greater accessibility and a timely response to a patients call bell and alerts by the nursing staff.

The Vocera electronic badge worn by nursing staff and members of the allied health professional team are hands-free, and provide instant and secure voice communication with the patients and among staff.

Patients when activating their call-bell will be directed to their own nurses electronic badge which the nurse can respond by speaking with the patient to ask what they require, or let them know they are on their way, or a time frame in which they will be there.  Alerts are also received to provide a safe environment for the patients.

We are pleased to be able to offer this new and innovative way of communicating directly with our patients and meeting their needs.  We continue to provide exceptional and compassionate care for all whom we serve.

Congratulations to our team on the successful implementation of Vocera.