My name is Carole Anne, I was admitted to Toronto Grace Health Centre from July to September in 2006 to the Slow-Paced Rehabilitation (SPR) program to relearn how to walk and use my hands.  After great success I returned home and continued to do one of my favorite things – to be a good neighbour.  That is how I met Edward, an older gentleman who lived in my apartment building. Edward was visually impaired and it became apparent that he needed more and more support as his health was deteriorating.  One day Edward shared with me that he wanted to die in the comfort of his home, so my sister and I supported him along with the community palliative care program. However, the time came when he needed better pain management and, as if by providence, I found myself once again back at Toronto Grace, only this time for Edward on the Palliative Care Unit (PCU). I shared with the chaplain that I was a bit nervous because I had never journeyed with someone who was dying. The PCU interdisciplinary team gave me the confidence to sit by Edward’s bed until he quietly slipped away.

Toronto Grace SPR program showed me how to use my hands and feet so I could go home and give back, by supporting neighbours, like Edward.

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