Patient Bill of Rights and Responsibilities

A Nurse and Patient
Treated with respect

Shown kindness and compassion

A positive and stimulating atmosphere

Participating in the goal-setting and the choices being made

Participating in group activities

Spiritual and emotional support

Volunteers visiting on a regular basis

Partner with staff in your care

Participate with staff on your treatment plan; goals and discharge plan

Treat others with dignity and respect

Respect the policies of the hospital as applicable

Knowing the names of the healthcare providers

Knowing what is expected of patients entering the facility

Receiving education on medications

Being notified when there are changes in care

Feeling welcome to ask questions and be fully informed

Communicate with staff

Inform staff of changes in your condition

Bring any concerns you might have to the attention of staff

Respect for privacy of fellow patients and confidentiality of patient information

Knowing someone will come by to check on patients regularly

Knowing patient call bell will be answered promptly

Safe and clean environment

Participate in safety activities such as hand-washing, falls prevention and medication safety

Report any safety concerns