Dietary staff receive food safety award.

Each year, the Food Service Department is audited by an independent third party company called Ecosure. The auditors arrive at the unit with no prior notification and complete an audit that has approximately 75 compliances. To pass, you need to achieve 90% compliancy.

The Toronto Grace Food Service Department scored 98.4 % in Food Safety which places us in the top 4 positions out of 38 facilities. This is great accomplishment for our Food Service Team!!  Congratulations to the entire team for their continued outstanding dedication to Food Safety and Quality measures!!

We took a moment to celebrate this achievement alongside the successful implementation of the decentralized Steamplicity module, with a lunch celebration. We also celebrated by handing out Hero awards to each team member and other tokens of appreciation for their great work in embracing the change.

Congratulations to our Food Service team!