Nursing week

2015 CalendarIt is once again that time of the year when we celebrate and acknowledge the nursing profession.

In the upcoming week, The Salvation Army Toronto Grace Health Centre will celebrate National Nurses’ Week for the Year 2015 (from May 11-15) with an empowering theme: “Courage to Nurse”.

One of our nurses shares:

As many of you are aware: Nursing is not for the faint of heart; nor is it for the fearful soul; many have attempted to be a nurse but have not endured its wealth of challenges. Nursing is a constant battlefield where we fight not for ourselves, but for our patients who we were entrusted to our care. It is complex, it is intensive, and it will require every ounce of our own individuality. Armed only with our knowledge, skill, and experience…it takes a great deal of Courage to Be a Nurse

Attached is the Schedule of Events for Nursing Week 2015.

Have a great week!