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Spring 2017

Dear Friend,

Imagine if you will, a day in the life of a patient at the Grace. For a moment put yourself in their shoes…if they have any. Your day begins with your first interaction with your primary caregiver followed by your medications being administered. Then breakfast. Every day you are encouraged to get up into your wheelchair and to dress in comfortable clothing for the day ahead. You are visited by the Rehabilitation team to assist you with this, and then either head to the gym for exercises and practice or do so on your floor. You then might choose to attend the Recreation Therapy activities planned for the morning. This might be a sitting yoga class, news and coffee, baking or crafts to name a few. Back to your room for lunch and then perhaps a repeat of your morning routine. Rehab and Recreation Therapy resumes in the afternoon followed by perhaps a quiet rest time and then dinner. Your evenings are your own before the day is complete.

The days are busy and full. Every activity is designed to help you recover, help you heal and help you get back home if possible.

But what if you have arrived at The Grace with very few personal possessions to your name; no socks, no shoes, no underclothing, no clothes. What do you do? What do you wear?

Friend, your “Tree of Memories” gift is what makes the difference for these patients. Your gift helps us buy the personal items each patient may need; a comb, toothbrush, toiletries, T-shirts, track pants, sweaters, footwear and more. One of our Chaplains, Major Marie Hollett, takes great care when purchasing these items for those in need. Dignity is always a priority for our patients. Your gift helps us bring dignity back to their lives.

We are most grateful for your generosity and support of The Grace.

“No person was ever honoured for what he received. Honour has been the reward for what he gave.”
Calvin Coolidge

Because you give to The Grace, you make a difference in the lives of those who come to us in need of the kindness and care we provide.
Because you give to The Grace, their time with us is enriched and their spirits are raised.
Because you give to The Grace, we honour you.

Marilyn Rook                                                                                                         Patti Pilon
President and CEO                                                                                               Director of Giving