Emilie, retired nurse

Emilie, an 84-year-old retired nurse, was admitted to The Salvation Army Toronto Grace Health Centre (TGHC) from an acute care hospital as a bilateral, above–the–knee amputee as a result of diabetes.  Emilie presented with clinical complications and with her second above-the-knee amputation not completely healed; she needed wound care, and had limited mobility.  She arrived feeling uncertain and despondent.

Following an assessment, a care plan was developed to manage her nutrition and help control the diabetes, provide extra care to heal her second amputation, implement wound care, and maximize her abilities by restoring mobility to her body arms, hands and fingers.

By providing patient-focused care, the TGHC interprofessional health team is meeting Emilie’s identified goals.  Her amputation and wounds are progressively healing.  She is able to sit upright and has regained movement of her arms as well as her hands and fingers.  Emilie is now working on knitting an afghan, something she has not been able to do in months.  She is able to operate her electric wheelchair and enjoys visiting the chapel regularly.  Emilie interacts with other patients in recreational programs that are supporting her needs through arts and crafts, cooking classes and dancing.  Emilie is happy and grateful for the quality of care she is receiving by the Complex Continuing Care (CCC) service at TGHC.

Emilie’s family is amazed at the quality of care the TGHC is providing to their mother.  Emilie’s daughter Renata thinks her mother’s improvement both mentally and physically is remarkable.  She believes the consistency and continuity of care the TGHC provides is why her mother was able to achieve her goal and increase her mobility.  Renata said, ”The nurses and staff at the Grace should be applauded; they are thorough and efficient — the care is over 100 percent.”